Annual Awards


Award Announcement & Call for Nominations

NASW Idaho Chapter with support of the NASW Foundation announces nominations for the 2020 Idaho Social Work Awards. The awards honor Idaho social workers and other individuals who have, through their work and / or advocacy, advanced the principles and vision of the Social Work profession.

2020 NASW Idaho Chapter Awards and Nomination Requirements:

Awards (click on title link to see award descriptions):                

Who can nominate:

1. Idaho Social Worker of the Year NASW-ID Chapter members only. 

2. Idaho Lifetime Achievement Award NASW-ID Chapter members and individuals.

3. Idaho Public Citizen of the Year NASW-ID Chapter members, individuals and social welfare organization.

4. Idaho Public Elected Official NASW-ID Chapter members, individuals, and social welfare organizations. [This award is decided after every legislative session of the Idaho Legislature and the winner is determined by the IDA-PACE Committee.]

5. Idaho Pioneer Social Worker NASW-ID Chapter members, individuals, and social welfare organizations.

The Idaho Social Worker of the Year is awarded to an individual who exemplifies the best of Social Work values and achievements through specific accomplishments. The Idaho Social Worker Lifetime Award is given in celebration of a lifetime of social work values and practice in one's lifetime career. The Public Citizen of the Year is awarded to a community member whose accomplishments exemplify the values and mission of professional social work. The Idaho Public Elected Official / Legislator of the Year Award(s) recognize(s) outstanding service of an elected official who has shown leadership in the formulation of public policy affecting social justice. The Idaho Pioneer Social Worker(s) of the Year is awarded to social worker(s) that have explored new practice territories and have influenced significantly the paradigms of social work best practice.

TO NOMINATE, please e-mail the NASW Idaho Chapter Executive Director and include: the award category, name, address, phone number, e-mail address, employer and work title for both the nominee and who is making the nomination.  If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail from the NASW Idaho Chapter Office within five working days, please call (503) 452-8420 to inquire why there is a delay in verification of the nomination.  

Nominations Close for all awards: September 10, 2020
Late nominations will not be accepted.