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Online CEUs

ONLINE CEUS are available any time of day or night through NASW.  Ethics CEUs are also available.  Courses include:  NASW Code of Ethics, Malpractice, End of Life, Cancer Caregiving, Adolescent Health, HIV/AIDS and more. 

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MAY 2020

26th, Tuesday, WEBINAR "The ETHICS of Digital Citizenship" 2.0 hours of Ethics CEUs. After attending this session, participants will be able to:
1. Articulate the principles, practices, and importance of digital citizenship and how they can be incorporated into online classes and social work practice.
2. Connect the principles of digital citizenship with the development of online learning communities for the purpose of promoting social justice and equity.
3. Explore and apply the NASW Standards for Technology in Social Work Practice in everyday professional practice.
4. Explore and apply ethical principles to online discourse with students, colleagues, and clients.
5. Apply and communicate principles of civil discourse in all online communication with students, colleagues, and clients.
6. Participants will be able to recognize and articulate challenging ethical situations that can emerge online and develop strategies for addressing them. 

To view presenters profiles and to REGISTER go here: registration link

JUNE 2020

8th-9th, Monday-Tuesday, BOISE "Dialectical Behavior Therapy" A two-day intensive training guided by the latest research and policy in evidence-based practices, this course teaches the clinical process and content of DBT from theory to practice. This course is presented by a licensed psychological associate and university faculty member. Registration information only available to NASW members by calling (503) 452-8420 with membership ID#

10th, Wednesday, WEBINAR "Beyond Shelter: Trauma Informed Care for African American Homeless Women" 1.0 hour CEU. After attending this session, participants will:
1. Examine how the intersection of oppressive identities contribute to chronic homelessness.
2. Explore complex trauma as a cause and effect of homelessness and housing stability.
3. Explore the impact of homelessness on health disparities among communities of color.
4. Understand and apply intersectionality theory in trauma-informed care and ethical treatment of sheltered homeless individuals.
5. Analyze how race, gender, and socioeconomic status intersect at the micro and macro level of individual experience.

To view presenter profile and to REGISTER go here: registration link

23rd, Tuesday, BOISE "INSOMNIA"  A step-by-step training on the treatment of insomnia. Learn how to assess, develop a treatment plan, and how to educate clients about their disorder with evidence-based strategies. This course is presented by a clinical/research psychologist and Diplomate of Behavioral Sleep Medicine. Registration information only available to NASW members by calling (503) 452-8420 with membership ID#


24th, Saturday, BURLEY, Hampton Inn "Applied Ethics for Social Workers:  Creating a Sustainable, Ethical Profession By Growing Secondary Trauma Resiliency Skills"

The human resource at the core of social service work is the most important resource that we have in our work.   It was sobering when the most current revision of the DSM confirmed that work based stress can lead to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. We will explore in this training how to have an ethical response to the need for the preservation of the bodies, minds, emotions, and relationships of  social worker themselves.
A secondary goal of this will training will be to deepen our understanding of trauma itself and increase our skills in treating trauma in our clients. We will learn about its unique impact on the brain, emotions, and bodies of our clients who are exposed to both acute trauma  and developmental trauma.  We will focus on the LGBTIQ population as a current case example of the impact of historical, developmental, and acute trauma.  
This conference will host a special PLUS session on Saturday evening.  This is for participants of the main conference who seek to move deeper into experiential integration of the content of the training.  

The MAIN conference is from:
10:00 am - 5:30 pm
6 hours of training time, with CEU  credits including ethics

Conference PLUS:  a 90-minute experiential follow up to deepen the integration of trauma resiliency skills

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm  
90 minutes of experiential integration training deepening the process of secondary trauma resiliency skills.  Integrating near-biology and effective body centered strategies.

This training is presented by a clinical social worker.
REGISTRATION coming in August.


22nd-23rd, Monday-Tuesday, BOISE "LEGISLATIVE EDUCATION & ADVOCACY DAYS (LEAD)"  Join the largest annual gathering of Idaho's social work students and social workers to learn about important legislation impacting our communities and to meet legislators to advocate for the profession of social work and those we serve. Many students say this is their favorite event of their education! Monday 8:30am - 4pm. Tuesday 8:30am - 2:30pm. Idaho Capitol and Cathedral of the Rockies. CEUs pending approval. Cost is $27 for attendees residing in the Treasure Valley and $14 for those traveling from more than 50 miles to attend. Includes lunch on one day. REGISTRATION COMING in November 2020. Contact the NASW Idaho Chapter for more information at (503) 452-8420.

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