Idaho Chapter NASW has been invited to join the Montana Chapter's online training on Supervision and Ethics on November 12, 13, and 14, 2020 from 9 am to 5:30 pm.  Registration fee is around $100 per day and additional information will be given if you're interested.  Please call the Oregon Chapter office at 503-452-8420 if you want additional information.  Please leave a message and your call will be returned.


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Online CEUs

ONLINE CEUs are available any time of day or night through NASW.  Ethics CEUs are also available.  Courses include:  NASW Code of Ethics, Malpractice, End of Life, Cancer Caregiving, Adolescent Health, HIV/AIDS and more. 

Click here to register online. 


18th, WednesdayTELECONFERENCE, “AN HOUR WITH PRIVATE PRACTICE: WHAT'S NEW FOR PRIVATE PRACTITIONERS IN 2021“ a free question and answer session for NASW members. There is no registration and members can join in the discussion, ask questions, and make comments. These sessions provide members with important clinical social work updates impacting the delivery of mental health services in a private solo or group practice. This session will be held 10am - 11am Mountain. Audio recordings and handouts  are available at https://www.socialworkers.org/Practice/Clinical-Social-Work/Billing-Codes/An-Hour-With-Private-Practice; click on An Hour With Private Practice. For teleconference number and passcode, please call (503) 452-8420 and have your NASW membership ID.


1st, Tuesday, WEBINAR: "Self-Care as an Ethical Priority"  6pm - 8pm Mountain Time

Workshop Description:

Self-Care is necessary to maintain ourselves and to continue to provide competent, professional, and ethical care for those we serve. Often, self-care is not treated as a priority. When self-care is neglected our professional futures suffer and it can result in burn-out, compassion fatigue, or leaving the field completely.

The importance of self-care for social work professionals cannot be understated. To truly be competent and ethical professionals, we need to engage in regular self-care. In order to be effective in helping others, social workers must be able to help themselves first. There is the old adage that you cannot pour from an empty cup, meaning that you must replenish yourself before you can serve others. This expression is quite true for social workers. Despite the value of self-care, many helping professionals often find themselves caring for others and neglecting their own self-care. It is impossible to give when you yourself have nothing left to give. Restoring yourself cannot be viewed as a self-indulgent but rather should be viewed as a component of competent, ethical practice. 
1. Participants will recognize the necessity of self-care as it relates to providing competent, professional, and ethical care for those they serve
2. Participants will understand the negative impact of burn-out and compassion fatigue on the social work profession
3. Participants will learn strategies to increase and prioritize self-care practices for themselves


22nd-23rd, Monday-Tuesday, BOISE "LEGISLATIVE EDUCATION & ADVOCACY DAYS (LEAD)"  Join the largest annual gathering of Idaho's social work students and social workers to learn about important legislation impacting our communities and to meet legislators to advocate for the profession of social work and those we serve. Many students say this is their favorite event of their education! Monday 8:30am - 4pm. Tuesday 8:30am - 2:30pm. Idaho Capitol and Cathedral of the Rockies. CEUs pending approval. Cost is $27 for attendees residing in the Treasure Valley and $14 for those traveling from more than 50 miles to attend. Includes lunch on one day. REGISTRATION COMING in November 2020. Contact the NASW Idaho Chapter for more information at (503) 452-8420.

Membership Dues

Membership dues allow NASW to maintain this website, providing ALL social workers in Idaho with the most comprehensive and up-to-date list of continuing education offered statewide. If you are not a member, please JOIN US TODAY!

Dues-paying members of NASW receive free and reduced rates for CEUs. Only dues-paying members can call the Chapter Office to receive details on CEU offerings by providers who have not paid an advertising fee. To join NASW Idaho, go to: http://www.socialworkers.org/join

Online Continuing Education and Social Networking Opportunities


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