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NASW Idaho - LEAD 2021

NASW Legislative Education & Advocacy Days (LEAD) via Zoom

February 22nd, Noon - 1:30 pm; March 10th, Noon - 1:30 pm; April 10th, 10 am - 11:30 am (all Mountain Times)


Join the social work community across the state and learn to lobby, understand issues from the social work perspective, and participate in advocacy for Idaho.
We are honored to welcome our leadership team,  NASW Idaho Legislator of the Year (2020) Representative Ilana Rubel, Senator Melissa Wintrow, lobbyist Christine Tiddens, and NASW Idaho Executive Director and lobbyist Delmar de la Torre Stone. 

Representative Illana Rubel was the NASW Idaho Legislator of the Year in 2020. She has counseled technology companies in Boise and nationwide for over two decades. Rubel graduated from Georgetown and Harvard Law School and became a partner in the law firm of Fenwick & West, LLP in 2007. She is currently on leave from the law firm while she serves in public office. Raised by a working single mom, Ilana Rubel graduated from law school thanks to terrific teachers, schools and helping hands along the way. She is adamant that everyone should have the same opportunities she did to work their way up the ladder in life. She and her husband John moved to Boise 20 years ago when he was recruited by Micron. They have four children aged 11 to 19, and Ilana enjoys volunteer-teaching “Civics and the Constitution” at various Boise schools. Her family loves to bike, hike, fish, ski, camp, raft and even mountain-trek with llamas in the Idaho outdoors.

Senator Melissa Wintrow was born in Troy, Ohio; B.A. in English literature from Miami University; M.Ed. in higher education from the University of Georgia; 30-years’ service in higher education, providing leadership to students, faculty, and staff; held formal leadership positions as a women’s center director, Faculty-in-Residence program director, program manager for NEW Leadership (a national women’s leadership institute), and instructor of gender studies; co-owner of SAGA Leadership Associates, specializing in diversity and inclusion, women’s leadership, and team collaboration.

Christine Tiddens, Director of Idaho Voices for Children, registered lobbyist and Member-At-Large on the NASW Idaho Board of Directors: "As a native Idahoan, I have seen how oppressive our communities can be, especially to individuals who do not conform to the majority’s religion, do not agree with the prevailing political ideology, or identify with a minority population. I became a social worker because I wanted to change the systems that enable and promote discrimination, poverty, and social injustices. Engaging in this work over time has only intensified my passion and drive. As Idaho grows and becomes more diverse, I am excited by the emerging opportunities for social workers to come together and drive positive change. I remain committed to encouraging respect for cultural and social diversity and to engaging in professional development to increase my knowledge of diversity issues.

Delmar de la Torre Stone was born and raised in southern Idaho and has followed Idaho politics since his youth. He attended Boise State University and Northwest Nazarene University. Stone has been involved in elected leadership in the state's major political parties and became the registered lobbyist for NASW Idaho in 2004. He assumed the position of Executive Director of the Idaho chapter in 2006 and of the Oregon chapter in 2010. Pre-pandemic, he traveled both states meeting with social workers and social work students on a monthly basis. He has written numerous opinions in Idaho newspapers and continues to be a strong advocate for social justice. 

MARCH 2021

10th, WednesdayLegislative Education and Advocacy Days (Part 2 of 3). If you have not already paid for the $12 pass, please do so here:

10th, Wednesdayall day interactive webinar on TRAUMA. Presented by a clinical psychologist. Registration information is only available to NASW members by calling (503) 452-8420 with your membership ID#

16th & 17th, Tuesday & Wednesday3 hours each day interactive webinar on SUICIDE PREVENTION. 6.0 CEUs, $50 for NASW members / $75 for non-members. For registration, schedule and presenters' bios, click here:  NASW members will need to call (503) 452-8420 with membership ID# to get the $25 discount code.

25th, Thursdayall day interactive webinar on PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY. Presented by a clinical psychologist with a master's in psychopharmacology. Registration information is only available to NASW members by calling (503) 452-8420 with your membership ID#

29th, Mondayall day interactive webinar on WORKING with MALE CLIENTS with TRAUMA. Presented by a clinical social worker. Registration information is only available to NASW members by calling (503) 452-8420 with your membership ID#

APRIL 2021

10th, SaturdayLegislative Education and Advocacy Days (Part 3 of 3). If you have not already paid for the $12 pass, please do so here:

15th, Thursdayall day interactive webinar on TREATING ANXIETY. Presented by a clinical psychologist and author of nine books. Registration information is only available to NASW members by calling (503) 452-8420 with your membership ID#

16th, Fridayall day interactive webinar on AFFECTIVE NEUROSCIENCE and EMOTION-BASED THERAPIES. Presented by a clinical psychologist. Registration information is only available to NASW members by calling (503) 452-8420 with your membership ID#

MAY 2021

18th, Tuesdaytwo hour interactive webinar on DIVERSITY and INCLUSION in MENTAL HEALTH. Description: Inclusion in mental health is crucial with peers, co-workers, staff, students, and clients. Our language and behaviors matter. Several components of diversity and inclusion in mental health will be discussed including experiences and beliefs surrounding mental health related to culture, age, identity, the workplace, and client interaction. The goal of this training is to increase understanding of the importance of utilizing recovery-based, person-first language and behaviors in everyday life and in good clinical care. Students and clinicians in all mental health professions are encouraged to attend. For registration, schedule and presenters' bios, click here:

Online CEUs

ONLINE CEUs are available any time of day or night through NASW.  Ethics CEUs are also available.  Courses include:  NASW Code of Ethics, Malpractice, End of Life, Cancer Caregiving, Adolescent Health, HIV/AIDS and more. 

Click here to register online. 

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