CEU Approval Process


Please note: Fees for CEU Approval increased effective January 2nd, 2023. New fees are listed below. 

  • Apply On-Line Please read carefully and submit a completed application with attachments.  Fees need to be mailed and received prior to approval of CEU credits.  Applications must be submitted electronically via the Online Portal, or by completing the PDF application and emailing to address listed in application.
    • CEU Application - Online Portal (include CEU Application Spreadsheet as attachment)
    • CEU Application Spreadsheet   (NOTE: As mentioned above, you will need to fill out this spreadsheet and attach it to your CEU Application; to do so, please click the "Choose File" button near the bottom of the page once inside the CEU Application Online Portal)
  • Thank you so much for applying for CEUs through the NASW-Idaho Chapter. The Idaho State Social Work Laws and Rules states continuing education hours may be obtained by participating in activities approved by the Idaho Chapter of National Association of Social Workers. Approved educational offerings may be used to meet the continuing education requirement for social work license renewal in Idaho. In an effort to ensure uniform high-quality learning experiences, the following guidelines will serve as the basis for approval. Please do not hesitate to contact the Chapter office for assistance with this process.
    Applications may be submitted by accredited schools of social work, professional organizations, social service agencies, social work departments, teaching hospitals, mental health centers, and other organizations that meet the criteria and conditions below. Sponsors Sponsoring organizations must have each of the following:
      • An organizational structure with a designated and capable professional staff that administers and coordinates the schedule of continuing education.
      • A means for the responsible control of all aspects of the program, which will ensure that educational objectives and standards are met.
      • A system for evaluation of educational programs by participants.
      • Input by BSW, MSW, or PhD social worker(s) in the planning and evaluation of the educational offering.  

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    A current vita/resume will be reviewed for each presenter to ensure that he/she is a professional with the appropriate education and background in the content area of the educational offering. A breakdown of hours at the BSW, MSW and MSW-Clinical level is a requirement of the Idaho State Board of Social Work Examiners. Presenters must hold a bachelor’s degree or higher for CEUs to be approved at the BSW level, hold a master’s degree or higher for CEUs to be approved at the MSW level, and hold a master's degree or higher as well as have specific clinical experience to be approved at the MSW-Clinical level. All degrees must be in social work or a related field. Therefore, vitas/ resumes must explicitly list the presenter’s educational credentials and work experience for review by the CEU Committee
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    Program Quality

    Learning objectives and the format of the proposed educational presentation will be reviewed to ensure high-quality learning experiences with clearly stated learning objectives and educational formats. Learning objectives for each individual topic must be clearly stated on the CEU application, as they apply to the Social Work profession. Program Evaluation Methods of evaluation to determine the effectiveness of continuing education should be an integral part of each program. There must be an initial statement of objectives for each program in order to ascertain that desired goals have been reached. These objectives may include, but are not limited to: changes in the attitude and approach of the learner to the solution of problems; presentation of new knowledge or updating obsolete information in specific content areas; and the introduction and/or mastery of specific skills and techniques. Evaluation instruments must include not only evaluation of satisfaction with the presenter’s content, but also of the facilities, arrangements, and suggestions for future programs. The purpose of such evaluation is to ensure that learning needs of participants have been fulfilled and to assist in planning quality programs in the future.
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    Determination of CE Hours

    The number of CEUs must be determined prior to the beginning of the workshop and need to be based on the program objectives, content, format, methods of instruction, and schedule. Agencies have a grace period of seven (7) working days prior to the scheduled CEC meeting to make changes to the proposed agenda. Approval of additional CEUs will not be awarded after a workshop has been delivered. Applications for approved hours are made by the sponsoring organization prior to an educational offering, not by individual participants who attended the program. Approved CEUs will include only actual instruction time with the presenter and formal pre-scheduled discussions led by the presenter or staff. It shall not include informal discussions during welcoming, lunch, breaks, announcements, or other non-instructional activities. In the event an educational program is connected with a meal function, time spent eating will not be included, although CEUs may be approved for the educational portion of that time. Content and learning objectives for this educational portion must be provided with the CEU application.
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    Attendance Rosters

    Attendance rosters will be filed and maintained with the CEU application at the NASW– Idaho Chapter office, in order to maintain compliance with the Bureau of Occupational Licensing Social Work Examiner's Board. All agencies approved for CEUs by the NASW-Idaho Chapter must submit a completed attendance roster within one (1) week after the conclusion of the approved event. The attendance roster must include the sponsoring agency, event title, date of event and original signatures of participants with both first and last names. Attendees must sign in at the beginning of each session/break-out and out at the end of each session/break-out in order to receive credit for desired CEUs and the roster sent to NASW-Idaho Chapter must reflect this information. Issuance of Certificates Only those individuals who satisfactorily complete the approved learning activity will receive certificates. Regular attendance or participation may be used as the minimum requirement for satisfactory completion; but, if used, there must be standard of attendance of at least 80% in order to receive credit. It is the responsibility of the organizer of the program to document that the participant met this standard through the aforementioned attendance roster. Certificates of attendance must include the following:
    • Workshop title
    • Date of offering
    • Name of sponsoring organization
    • Number of CEUs received and at which level
    • Specific number of ethics CEUs received
    • Signature and date of representative from sponsoring organization

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    Permanent Records

    Per recommendation by the Idaho State Board of Social Work Examiners, the NASW-Idaho Chapter will maintain a record of all NASW approved programs for a period of four and a half years. As part of the permanent record for each approved workshop, the following information is necessary:
    • Intended audience
    • Course learning objectives
    • Workshop format
    • Program content
    • Detailed agenda, including specific time schedule and names of corresponding presenter (s)
    • Presenter (s) vitas/ resumes, including educational credentials and work experience
    • Evaluation form that will be provided to attendees
    • Location of program
    • Description of sponsor/co-sponsors
    • Attendance roster
    • Sample certificate of attendance  
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    Criteria for Participation:

    Applicant agrees to:
    • Submit official application form to arrive at least (3) weeks prior to the CEC meeting scheduled during the month before their educational offering.
    • Review application prior to sending it to NASW-Idaho Chapter to ensure that all information is completed and all attachments are present.
    • Certify the participation of each person in the training program, for which credit is to be awarded by submitting Conference Attendance Roster sheets to the Chapter office within one week after the presentation.
    • If the offering has not been formally approved yet, include in the announcement of programs/courses the following statement, "NASW-Idaho Chapter approval for CEUs for this offering are pending the completion of the application process."
    • If the offering has been formally approved through the NASW-Idaho process, include in the announcement of programs/courses the following statement, "This program has been approved for ____ hours at BSW level, ____ hours at MSW level and/or ____ hours at the MSW-Clinical level by the National Association of Social Workers-Idaho Chapter, and may be applied toward the continuing education requirements for social work license renewal. "
    Limit any additional CEU fees added to registration costs to commensurate only with actual expense of the continuing education certificate and the expense required to collect and send participant information to the NASW-Idaho Chapter office.
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    Program Advertising

    All advertising for the educational program must conform to ethical standards for social workers. These standards include: accurate and honest statements about credentials of presenters; learning objectives for the workshop; continuing education credit offerings (and how to qualify); fees for registrants (including what they will receive for participation); and cancellation and grievance policies. Listing in NASW–Idaho Chapter Publications: NASW-Idaho Chapter will send a postcard to all licensed social workers in the metro area of the educational program for an additional fee with a four weeks advanced notice of mailing date.  The Chapter occasionally has mailings with advertising spots available.  Please contact the Chapter office to inquire of any upcoming mailings to social workers. A listing in the NASW–Idaho Chapter "Calendar of Events" on the home page of the website is an added service provided to CEU applicants free of charge, up to a maximum of 24 words. Additional words and/or other advertisement opportunities are available. Please contact the Chapter office for a copy of the advertisement rates and application.

    Please note: Fees for CEU Approval increased effective January 2nd, 2023. Fees are listed below. 


    -  Small, single offerings with one presenter will require the submission of a $75.00 fee. (Repeat fee $50 within 12 months from first date of training, contact Idaho chapter.) 
    -  A medium, one-time offering with 4 or less presenters will require a submission of a $155.00 fee. (Repeat fee $90 within 12 months from first date of training, contact Idaho chapter.)  
    -  Large conferences with more than 4 presenters or multiple, medium offerings with 4 or less presenters sponsored by the same entity at various times throughout the year will require the submission of a $600.00 fee that must be paid to NASW-Idaho chapter with the first program application form. (repeat fee $90 within 12 months from first date of training, contact Idaho chapter.)  
    -  For large conferences that are co-sponsored by NASW-Idaho, allowing NASW members at least a 25% reduced registration fee, the fee can be reduced to $360. 
    -  A $25 penalty fee will be assessed if the NASW-Idaho Chapter office is required to have more than five phone calls or e-mails with organizers to obtain a complete application. agency members of NASW-Idaho can offer CEU events at no charge up to one large conference or three medium offerings per year.  Agency members of NASW-Idaho can have an unlimited number of small, single offerings at no additional charge. Please contact our office with any questions you might have when preparing your application for submission in order to avoid additional fees.

    Make checks payable to:
    NASW – Idaho Chapter
    2929 SW Multnomah Blvd, Ste 305
    Portland, OR 97219
    Phone: (503) 452-8420
    Email: dstone.naswid@socialworkers.org
    all fees are non-refundable.