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26th Wednesday  –  30th Sunday, The Idaho Division of Occupational & Professional Licenses is excited to share that DOPL Online Services will go live on July 1st at 8 am MDT. The existing legacy systems will be down in preparation to go live with Online Services. 

Starting July 1st, you may create a new profile on DOPL Online Services to manage your license. Usernames and passwords created in legacy systems will not carry over to DOPL Online Services. You'll need your email address on file with DOPL and your license number to access an existing account. Questions? Contact Debi at (208) 577-2592.

The Health Professionals Recovery Program is for licensees with unsafe behaviors resulting from mental and emotional conditions and habitual chemical use, both of which are grounds for formal discipline. However, the Division of Occupational and Professional Licenses believes that licensees who acknowledge that their practice may be impaired as a result of chemical dependence or mental conditions and who are actively engaged in recognized recovery methods and, as a result, do not represent a threat to the public, should be allowed to continue practicing. In order to assure public safety, the Division supports monitoring of these licensees outside of the process of formal disciplinary investigation and action under provisions that assure support of recovery and prevention of relapse. For more information contact Program Manager, Katie Stuart at (208) 577-2489.

Online CEUs

Online CEU are available any time of day or night through NASW.  Ethics CEUs are also available. Courses include:  NASW Code of Ethics, malpractice, end of life, cancer caregiving, adolescent health, HIV/AIDS and more. 

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Membership dues allow NASW to maintain this website, providing all social workers in Idaho with the most comprehensive and up-to-date list of continuing education offered statewide. If you are not a member, please Join us today!

Dues-paying members of NASW receive free and reduced rates for CEUs. Only dues-paying members can call the Chapter Office to receive details on CEU offerings by providers who have not paid an advertising fee. To join NASW Idaho, go to:

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